Friday, April 23, 2010

Sample Question Papers for 2nd Semester (E Scheme)
AE, CD, CE, CH, CM, CO, CR, CJ, CV, DE, ED, EE, EI, EJ, EN, EP, ET, EV, EX, FE, IC, IE, IF, IJ, IV, ME, MH, MI, MU, PG, PJ, PT/ -->
Applied Science (12021) -->
Applied Science (12014) -->
Applied Science (12020) -->
Communication Skill (12012).zip -->
Electrical Technology (12026).zip -->
Electronic Components & Application (12031).zip -->
Electronics (12025).zip -->
Elements_of_Electronics (12034).zip -->
Engineering Mathematics (12013).zip -->
Engineering Mechanics (12015).zip -->
Engineering_Drawing (12016).zip -->
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering (12030).zip -->
Fundamentals_of_Electrical_Engineering (12022).zip -->
Programming in C (12027).zip


  1. sir i want to old question papers of CM branch (E pattern) 2nd and 1st sem papers

    sir please

  2. Hi All Friends ,

    Best of luck